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Guide for investors

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When Investing

Podkarpacie is an investor-friendly region. It is the only voivodeship in Poland where two Special

Economic Zones (Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (SSE)) function: Euro-Park in Mielec and Euro-Park Wisłosan in Tarnobrzeg. Additionally, there are subzones of Kraków SSE in Boguchwala and Krosno.


Now there are 14 Special Economic Zones in Poland, according to present regulations. They will be operating until the end of 2026.


Public help in the form of exemption from income tax on the account of investment costs is one of the main incentives which should make investors-to-be establish enterprises in SSE in Podkarpacie.


In the case of SSE the amount of investor’s support relating to the costs they would bear depends on the maximal intensity of help determined for a given area where an investment is being made, and on the amount of costs which might be qualified as deserving public help, and on the size of enterprise. In Podkarpacie voivodeship the maximal amount of help for large enterprises is 50 percent, for medium-sized – 60 percent, for small enterprises – 70 percent.


The investors who decide on establishing their companies in Podkarpacie may count on low costs of starting an investment. Another advantage of Podkarpacie is low cooperation costs, as there are many ready-to-cooperate subcontractors placed in the area of the two SSE.


The work costs are low in the region and there are huge human resources. Podkarpacie is one of the cleanest voivodeships in Poland. Of importance is its geographical location: close to Ukraine and Slovakia. The road system is becoming better developed: the A4 motorway and E30 arterial railroad connect the region with Europe and Ukraine.


The condition to receive help/assistance when functioning in SSE is preservation of worksites for the period of minimum 5 years for large enterprises, and 3 years for medium and small enterprises.


SSE Euro-Park in Mielec is the oldest zone in Poland; it was set up in 1995. Its area is more than 1,400 hectares. Since its beginning the investors’ outlay has exceeded 6.2 billion PLN. The employment embraced 23,800 persons. Until now, 298 permissions to start business in the zone have been granted.


The largest investors in Mielec SSE are: PZL Mielec plant, Husqvarna, Kirchhoff Polska and Kronospan. There are still terrains open for land development in Podkarpacie subzones, e.g. in Mielec, Rzeszów, Trzebowisko township, Ostrów township, Leżajsk, Kolbuszowa, and Krosno.


The other Podkarpacie zone – Tarnobrzeg Special Ecomnoic Zone Euro-Park Wisłosan was established in 1997. Its area exceeds 1,600 hectares. Since its beginning the investors’ outlay has been 7.7 billion PLN. Over 26,000 worksites have been created there.


The largest investors are: LG Electronics (in Kobierzyce subzone, dolnośląskie [Lower Silesia] voivodeship), ThoniAlutec, Nowy Styl and Pilkington Automotive Poland.


In Podkarpacie the SSE subzones are situated in: Tarnobrzeg, Stalowa Wola, Nowy Dąb, Jasło, and Przemyśl.



The Krakow SSE has two subzones in Podkarpacie: in Krosno and in Boguchwale, the latter has still over 4 hectares of land to develop.


Except SSE, there are a few industrial and technological parks functioning in Podkarpacie, such as: Podkarpacie Science-Technology Park AEROPOLIS, Mielec Industrial Park, Industrial Park in Leżajsk township, and Tarnobrzeg Industrial-Technological Park (Podkarpacki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny AEROPOLIS, Mielecki Park Przemysłowy, Park Przemysłowy gminy Leżajsk , Tarnobrzeski Park Przemysłowo – Technologiczny).


These parks were created to improve the economic condition of particular areas. They comprise specially prepared for investment terrains which should attract investors representing given business branches.


The chief aim of parks is the reduction of the rate of unemployment and creation of conditions which would favor economic growth and innovation.


The incentives offered by the parks in Podkarpacie are e.g.: state/public help in the form of exempts from income tax (maximally 70 percent in the area which belong to the special economic zones).


In the parks investors may lease industrial halls and office rooms at very moderate prices.


Podkarpacie Science-Technology Park (PPN-T) AEROPOLIS was set up in 2003. It is situated 10 km from the Podkarpacie capital; its area 166 hectares. This park neighbors the international airport in Jasionka and is part of the Mielec SSE.


The park is managed by Rzeszowska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego (Rzeszów Agency of Regional Developent) with Investors Service Center (Centrum Obsługi Inwestora), which provides information for those interested in establishing enterprises not only in the park, but in the entire voivodeship.


PPN-T AEROPOLIS lies where communication tracks intersect: the state road no. 9 connecting Rzeszów with Warsaw, the state road no. 19 connecting Rzeszów with Lublin and the north-eastern part of country, the A4 motorway connecting Ukraine with Western Europe, and the E-30 arterial railroad conveying traffic from Western Europe to Ukraine. Due to this localization the goods manufactured in the park can be transported to recipients by land, by rail, and by air.


Academic Pre-Incubator functions as part of PPN-T AEROPOLIS and facilitates enterprise run by students and graduates. The incubator offers assistance in the undertaking process and professional legal advice.


Subjects placed in pre-incubator have the chance to continue business on favorable conditions in Technological Incubator, which is also a part of PPN-T.


The Mielec Industrial Park (Mielecki Park Przemysłowy) was established in 2005 by Mielec autonomy, in order to develop the property left after WSK-PZL Mielec had been restructured. The park, whose are is 114 hectares, is managed by Agency of Regional Development MARR (Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego MARR).


The Mielec park incorporates IN-TECH incubator which offers office rooms, laboratories, prototype making facility, and professional trainings.


The park lies within the Mielec SSE zone, which entitles investors to use investment allowances offered by economic zones.


The Leżajsk Industrial Park was established in 2006 to accelerate the development of investment terrain in this township, and propel the economic development of this area. The park lies in the vicinity of Stare Miasto and Wierzawice. Its area is 35.5 hectares.


This park, like other Podkarpacie parks, is fully developed and is a subzone of the Mielec SSE zone. Leżajsk Park is a member of Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Polsko-Niemieckia Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa), Aircraft Valley, and National Association of Industrial and Technological Parks (Stowarzyszenie Krajowe Parków Przemysłowych i Technologicznych). Presently, construction, computer science, furniture, advisory, logistic, and metal enterprises are operating in the Park.


Tarnobrzeg Industrial-Technological park (TPPT) was set up in 2013 and has an area of 29 hectares. It was established by Tarnobrzeg autonomy, which intended to prepare a place for companies’ development, especially for those which employ new technologies.


The Park is situated along the voivodeship road no. 723, which connect to state roads no. 9 and no. 77. These tracks convey traffic from the south of Poland to the north, and from the east to the west.


The park area is fully developed with an industrial hall and a technological incubator building. The whole area of Tarnobrzeski park is part of the local SSE. In addition to allowances, an investor can be exempted from real estate tax according to a law which was passed by Tarnobrzeg township.


Lots of townships in Podkarpacie, as in Tarnobrzeg, have passed allowances for investors. The most common form of state aid is exempting an entrepreneur from real estate tax.


Such incentives are offered by the following townships: Jeżowe, Fredropol, Besko, Czernik, Sieniawa, Lubaczów, Lutowiska, Chorkówka, Tarnowiec, Radomyśl Wielki, Bojanów, Nowy Żmigród, Gorzyce, Trzebownisko, Raniżów, Pysznica; and by these cities: Rzeszów, Baranów Sandomierski, Kolbuszowa, Ropczyce, Pilzno and Przecław.


In October 2014 a Rzeszów-Dworzysko Science-Technology Park was established in Podkarpacie. It is part of the Mielec SSE and leis in the area of Rzeszów and Głogów Małopolski township. This park is owned by Rzeszów township.


In July 2014 this 60 hectares of this terrain has been finally developed, and another 25 hectares will be developed next year.


At present, the developed area is being divided into about 100 plots of various sizes. Each plot destined for investment will be developed and fitted with infrastructure. In January 2015 sale of these plots will begin.


Apart from developed 60 hectares, another 25 hectares will be prepared for investments next year. There will be e.g. a photo-voltaic farm 2 hectares large.

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